About us

Established as a residential renovation company, Nexaven Construction Group had humble beginnings. We decided to move towards smaller commercial and institutional construction. Business grew from there and by the nineties we had grown to include much larger jobs in the public and private sector. The company started managing construction and seismic upgrades on libraries, fire halls, community centers, and eventually schools.

At this time the our current owners became involved in the business as an on-site carpenter and was quickly promoted to foreman and eventually site superintendent. It was clear that her proficiency for communication, organization, and learning would lend to management. The company had expanded to once again include residential projects along with its regular commercial and institutional work, we fully understood the significance of adopting sustainable construction practices to help carry the company into the future. In a world where environmental sustainability has become necessity we at we have taken steps to educate ourselves in ecologically-friendly construction practices.

As a firm with years of experience we have the knowledge to ensure both client satisfaction and unparalleled quality of work. Our experience in developing LEED Certified projects has strengthened the value we place on building in an environmentally sustainable and responsible way. We strive to use only the highest quality building materials with the lowest ecological impact – allowing projects we manage to endure in a changing world. Our extensive expertise allows us to understand and meet our clients’ needs throughout the construction process, and we are passionate about client satisfaction.

Our Values:

  • Sustainability: We believe in building for the future. That means using the latest green construction practices and holding all of our projects to the highest environmental standards in the industry.
  • Service: We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to every one of our valued clients.
  • Quality: Whether it’s a small upgrade or a major overhaul, we believe in using the best quality materials available for all of our projects. With our years of experience in public sector construction, we have developed extremely high standards for our work, and we believe that those high standards are paramount to the success of our company.